galewood-associates offers diversified services to the environmental community

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 Diversified experience in analysis, design and presentation of architectural, environmental and landscape projects for 30 years; Individualized attention to clients


  Environmental and architectural design and assessment; historic preservation of architecture and landscape

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     Denver's Park Avenue District; it's landscaped squares, central radiating avenue and wide landscaped right-of-ways; a neighborhood design inspired by Parisian cityscapes of the late 1800's  

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  Started as a sole proprietorship in traditional architectural; extended into historical preservation; landscape conservation before coming full circle into environmental design


" Handsome  work " - Bill West, Denver's Curtis Park neighborhood

"You've given us something to think about "  Professor Al Bartlett; University of Colorado, Boulder

 " Wouldn't have happened without your work "  Joe Reynolds, Chair Bayshore Watershed Council


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